Whether you're riding in club kit or wearing your favourite cycling gear, ragged cycling shorts with faded and ill-fitting cycling jerseys are out. The trend in road cycling is the suave look and it is easier than you think to keep up appearances. Here are four tips for fresher cycling gear that looks better and last longer.

  1.  Rinse your Sunglasses - Cycling sunglasses collect sweat and grim, a simple post-ride wash under a tap clears the muck away. Leave the sunnies to dry and then give them a quick polish with a lens cloth before storing them in a pouch or case, ready for your next ride.


  1. Take out your Innersoles - Give your cycling shoes a better chance to breath and recover by removing the innersoles after each ride. They will dry faster be more hygienic.


  1. Wash your cycling kit inside out - Modern sublimation printing normally won’t fade, but turning all of your cycling gear inside-out in the wash protects the outside surface from the wear of repeated washing. This also ensures that the sweaty surfaces of your kit and chamois get a proper wash.

 cycling kit

  1. Zip up your jersey - Pro-cyclists zip up their cycling jerseys before crossing the finish line to give their team and sponsor full coverage in victory photos, but zipping-up is also good when the jersey goes into the wash. A loose jersey zipper can scuff garments in the wash and you will hear it bouncing against the washing machine drum - simply zip the jersey all the way up.

Of course, buying good quality cycling kit always puts you ahead of the game, so make sure you spend some time reading through the garment specification when your are checking out new cycling jerseys

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